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Real Estate 101: How to Invest in Singapore

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Singapore is famous for its all-inclusive environment. Whether you’re a job seeker, student, employer, or in need of health care, you can be sure a solution will find you soon. The real estate sector is also booming and promising. For young professionals, this is a perfect investment opportunity for now and for the future.

Market analysis

Conducting a market analysis is the first thing you want to do. There are different objectives to be achieved when purchasing a house or estate. And people do so for various reasons. You do not just want to buy a home without a goal.

There are two standard real estate business models investors employ to make money. One is to buy a home at a lower price and sell at a higher amount. The other option is to purchase land, develop and rent them, or sell it. Of course, you could also buy and rent the property.

The model that works for you depends on your situation. That is why you are the best person to make that investment decision on the option that works for you.

If you have fantastic negotiation skills, purchasing property and selling at a higher price are good options. Besides, suppose you can identify and value property accurately with excellent forecasting skills. In that case, you can go for the buy and sell option.

Knowledge of price determinants

You may rely on your negotiation skills to flourish in this business. But the truth is that it may not always work for you. This is because other external factors also affect the overall prices of property in Singapore.

That is why you must spend time understanding them. Below are some of the factors that affect property prices in Singapore that you must put into consideration.

  1. Government policies

You must always be aware of the Singaporean government policies on property. They rarely change but can be adjusted at any time. In addition, most governments will put in place policies to protect their residents. This is to ensure that foreigners do not take advantage of any situation.

  1. Economics

Inflation and deflation happen time and again. When they do, prices are heavily affected as people try to adjust to survive the situation. That is why you must keep tabs on the current status of economics.

The government of the day heavily affects the direction the economy goes. If your president of the day is an economist or businessman, you can expect the real estate business to boom. Conversely, when the economy is down, prices are affected downwards, and you’ll likely experience losses if you sell your property then.

  1. Location

This is a significant determinant of prices in real estate. The interior of the property, the less attractive it may be to potential investors. Due to the low demand, the price will likely drop.

Properties closer to schools, roads, and markets are more desirable and may attract higher purchase prices. But, again, if the property is too close to busy towns, it may be undesirable to some. This is a significant determinant of property prices in Singapore and must be well looked at.

  1. Property condition

A new house will attract more potential buyers than that which has hosted people for years. Already used dwellings are likely to have minor challenges inherited from those who vacate the house.

That is why you’re likely going to be paid less for houses in poor condition than that which is new and perfect.


They say the devil is in the detail, which is very accurate, especially in real estate. Knowing what affects the prices will help you purchase prime property and sell for more profits. As time changes, more estates are built, and that affects the costs of those previously made. Therefore, work hard to ensure you’re dealing with the latest and prime property. That way you’ll get yourself more profits. It’s wise to inject that money back to the business. Alternatively, you could find other opportunities and invest there.

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