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Top 7 Ways to Get out of Debt

Top 7 Ways to Get out of Debt

Getting out of debt is only possible through strategy. Those experienced know it takes proper decision-making to pull this move through. You must also be patient because this takes time and calls for courage. This is true because you may have to give up some of your most valuable things. Here are seven ways to get yourself out of debt.

1. Plan

This has always been the first step to anything. Debt recovery must always be planned for. You must be aware of the total debt you must pay and adequately prepare for it. Debt must also be compared to your income, and analysis was done as to how the two will match.

You must also keep in mind that as you clear your debt, you’ll be living a life. That means you’ll have to spend money on other expenses like upkeep. That’s why you need to plan.

This is necessary because it must make sense on paper to become a reality. Things that are impossible through imagination can be twice harder to accomplish.

2. Borrow no more

No matter how hard things might get, you must stop borrowing. The truth is, you can never get out of debt if you keep borrowing. Let’s think about this deeply.

You want to get out of debt. That is your endgame. Instead, you should ask yourself how you can get out of debt if you keep borrowing. That’s technically impossible.

The only way to get out of debt is through halting borrowing. You cannot get out of debt if you keep borrowing. It’s mission impossible.

3. Consolidate your debts

Borrowing can become addictive. Lenders lure borrowers into taking more money from them, and that’s why you’ll find yourself borrowing again and again for no good reason. That should not be the case.

The more loans you have, the higher your chances of defaulting some. In most circumstances, we borrow because we lack. By borrowing, you reduce your future disposable income, which means you’ll lack more. If you don’t do something about it, you may end up suffering more.

4. Engage your lender

The law protects its own. That’s why you shouldn’t be afraid of anyone. That lender threatening you is the source of your problem. And that may be your solution in the long run.

Some debts aren’t what we received but an accrual over what we owe. Engaging your lender can halt more accruals and have lesser amounts to pay back. This will make your repayment plan easier to create and manage.

5. Pay more than the premium amount

When taking your loan, you get a certain amount that you’re supposed to pay back. But, unfortunately, that’s the minimum you can pay, which means you can pay for more. So, to clear your loan faster, spend as much more as you can. 

That way, you’ll settle the loan on time and quickly get out of debt. Once you’ve achieved this, the next step would be to put your money on other projects and grow your wealth.

6. Avoid shylocks at all costs.

If you’ve dealt with shylocks, you know what they’re capable of. These are individuals who lend out money and aren’t regulated. For that reason, they have self-imposed powers to charge what they want. So avoiding their deals is a great way to get out of bad debt.

7. Pay debts before acquiring more debt

You should have debt limits. Do not exceed these limits at all costs. That way, you will avoid piling up debts without plans. Stay debt-free so that when you get into debt, it’s easy to opt out or pay the debt.  …

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Real Estate 101: How to Invest in Singapore

Singapore is famous for its all-inclusive environment. Whether you’re a job seeker, student, employer, or in need of health care, you can be sure a solution will find you soon. The real estate sector is also booming and promising. For young professionals, this is a perfect investment opportunity for now and for the future.

Market analysis

Conducting a market analysis is the first thing you want to do. There are different objectives to be achieved when purchasing a house or estate. And people do so for various reasons. You do not just want to buy a home without a goal.

There are two standard real estate business models investors employ to make money. One is to buy a home at a lower price and sell at a higher amount. The other option is to purchase land, develop and rent them, or sell it. Of course, you could also buy and rent the property.

The model that works for you depends on your situation. That is why you are the best person to make that investment decision on the option that works for you.

If you have fantastic negotiation skills, purchasing property and selling at a higher price are good options. Besides, suppose you can identify and value property accurately with excellent forecasting skills. In that case, you can go for the buy and sell option.

Knowledge of price determinants

You may rely on your negotiation skills to flourish in this business. But the truth is that it may not always work for you. This is because other external factors also affect the overall prices of property in Singapore.

That is why you must spend time understanding them. Below are some of the factors that affect property prices in Singapore that you must put into consideration.

  1. Government policies

You must always be aware of the Singaporean government policies on property. They rarely change but can be adjusted at any time. In addition, most governments will put in place policies to protect their residents. This is to ensure that foreigners do not take advantage of any situation.

  1. Economics

Inflation and deflation happen time and again. When they do, prices are heavily affected as people try to adjust to survive the situation. That is why you must keep tabs on the current status of economics.

The government of the day heavily affects the direction the economy goes. If your president of the day is an economist or businessman, you can expect the real estate business to boom. Conversely, when the economy is down, prices are affected downwards, and you’ll likely experience losses if you sell your property then.

  1. Location

This is a significant determinant of prices in real estate. The interior of the property, the less attractive it may be to potential investors. Due to the low demand, the price will likely drop.

Properties closer to schools, roads, and markets are more desirable and may attract higher purchase prices. But, again, if the property is too close to busy towns, it may be undesirable to some. This is a significant determinant of property prices in Singapore and must be well looked at.

  1. Property condition

A new house will attract more potential buyers than that which has hosted people for years. Already used dwellings are likely to have minor challenges inherited from those who vacate the house.

That is why you’re likely going to be paid less for houses in poor condition than that which is new and perfect.


They say the devil is in the detail, which is very accurate, especially in real estate. Knowing what affects the prices will help you purchase prime property and sell for more profits. As time changes, more estates are built, and that affects the costs of those previously made. Therefore, work hard to ensure you’re dealing with the latest and prime property. That way you’ll get yourself more profits. It’s wise to inject that money back to the business. Alternatively, you could find other opportunities and invest there.

Saving for that Next Big Thing: Tips to Make it Happen

Saving is a difficult undertaking especially if you already struggle to make ends meet. The thing about saving is that it is a good thing and will help you in the long run. So, no matter how small your monthly contributions, you should try to save a little bit every month. There are many saving tips all over the internet. We would like to point out a few that are very important in our opinion.


Use automatic savings options – This is a very good way to make sure that you save money every month. When you have to do it manually, it’s easy to convince yourself that there are other things it is needed for. So, make an arrangement with your employer or bank to withdraw a set amount of money every month. This will go straight into your savings account and you won’t even notice it. If you don’t have control over it, it makes it easier.

Set short-term savings goals – In many things thinking of the big picture is the ideal. However, if you struggle to save you may want to try more short-term goals. For example, try to save $20 a week for 3 months and then up it to $25 every week, etc. Once you get into the idea of it, you can start looking at monthly goals and take it from there. Saving small amounts over a short time is easier to manage than one large amount.

Use windfalls and tax refunds for saving – Sure, you look forward to those big amounts to go on holiday or buy that something you’ve had your eye on for months. However, the smarter choice is to take a part of that money and save it. Add it to your retirement fund or the savings you want to use for a specific goal.

Save your small change –  Have a jar at the door and throw all your change of the day in the jar. You will be amazed at how fast those coins add up. Once the jar is full, take it to the bank and deposit it to your savings account and start again.

When you approach saving in small steps and wisely, it becomes a lot easier. Saving for your next big thing should be good motivation to try out these simple strategies.


How Can You Sell Your Home?

Once you bought a home, then you decided to live in it, you are up to a personal commitment. This is when you have to develop an emotional and personal relationship with your property. However, once the time comes that you need to sell your house to relocate, you have to be prepared too. This is quite easier said than done. At the end of the day, the goal is to achieve the right results. This is one of the effective ways to have immediate money aside from an instant loan.

When you have reached the decision of finally selling your house to relocate to a new one, there are wise steps you may take into consideration. What are these?

The Steps to Selling Your House without Difficulty

The Title. When you are about to sell your property, the first thing you have to do is to check your title. When you do this, you are using the chance to check your outstanding issues too which may create challenges eventually. The idea is to transfer a clean title. Look at your building permits, tax documents, and line impingements and know how they go now.

Objectivity. Most often, homeowners are emotional in disposing of their possession. You must avoid resorting to this. As much as possible, evaluate your properties objectively. If you can – hire the right estate professionals to help you out. It is okay that you provide a certain degree of emotional attachment, provided that you still recognize what is good for your home. This includes CMA or Competitive Market Analysis.

Settlement of payments. You might have to ask yourself honestly most especially if you are a buyer, how much are you willing to pay for everything? Do not forget to weigh all the strengths and weaknesses of your property, and how it does as compared to other houses that you know in the local real estate market. This is a smart way to start your view of the competition. Have an objective comparison always.

Address concerns. When you are already done identifying the weaknesses and needs, together with the flaws, address most of them in a rational, productive and smart manner.

Work with the best real estate agent. In doing this, you have to interview various real estate agents. Connect to people who will benefit you. Go beyond rhetoric and promises. You do not need them. You need action, so do not be swayed easily. You can look at their suggested listing price. You must be confident with the professional you intend to hire. If you are not comfortable talking to the person, that speaks a lot. It must be with an agent who is responsive, empathetic and responsible. Lastly, the individual needs to have a marketing plan too for your home.

These are some of the steps you can follow if you want to succeed in selling your property. Please consider them and good luck on your venture! It must work definitely if you know what to do.…

Singapore Property

What Should You Look for in a Singapore Real Estate Agent?

Singapore Property

While there are individuals out there who would want to believe that any sound investment needs luck, the truth is that it still depends on an analytical mind and a good eye. To be even more successful, a trustworthy, committed and well-versed partner will also help in the process.

For those who intend to invest in Singapore via real estate, they are leading the right path for sure. However, it is not going to be easy. There are just many property agents in the place who would just introduce a long list of properties only to seal a deal. Most times, they have the tendency to sell hard and bombard clients with unsolicited offers. They seldom have the commitment and long-term interest.

Such situation happens not only in Singapore. Good thing, there is still a possibility to be in an ideal working relationship who exceeds expectations. After all, there are still efficient and productive property agents who pay attention to price movements and market trends. They are the ones who follow-up and analyze fresh inquiries. They also cast a broad net both for the sellers and the buyers. They do this by considering and addressing unique needs.

If you are new to this venture and you want to find the right one, there are qualities that you might want to look upon. What are these?

Qualifications of a Real Estate Agent that you must know

In Singapore, here are the qualifications of a real estate agent as stipulated in their state law. Please consider the following prior to choosing who is going to work with you:

CEHA Qualifications

This stands for Common Examination for Housing Agents. It is usually an accreditation scheme intended for real estate agents and agencies which have been around since 2005. Singapore Accreditation Estate Agency Scheme or SAEA introduced it which is being run by the Institute of Estate Agents and the Singapore Institute of Surveyors and Valuers. Furthermore, the Ministry of France, Housing, and Development Board supports it together with the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore. It is the SAEA which rolls out minimum educational and practice standards for agents, guidelines and the requirements which they have to fulfill alongside passing the professional examination. They also observe a strict code of conduct. The goal of this is to elevate the professional standards of agents so that a better service is provided.

Different Account to Handle Clients’ Money

The agent will have the obligation to safe keep the monies of the client. Among these are the deposit monies or option. As such, it must occur in a separate bank account. This technicality has to be handled with care together with the understanding that the agent must always be ready to refund the deposit of the client in case there is a need for it.

Suggested Commission Fee

To avoid the undercutting of the fee, it is a must for professional agents and agencies to monitor the prescribed scale of fees. As for Singapore, the fee is normally 2% of the sale price which is suggested by the SISV. The commission fee is normally negotiable.…

The Risks and Benefits of Taking Instant Loans

It cannot be denied that there are present challenges involved on paychecks. This is true most especially as far as instant cash is concerned. As this is the case, it is no longer surprising why a ton of people cannot wait until their next pay date. This is just a natural reaction. No one is exempted from running out of cash. This may happen to everyone. However, in the midst of an emergency, this can be a major headache. Such is the time when instant loans come into place.

Getting Help from Instant Loans

The truth is this – instant loans are in various repayment terms which may depend on the provider you opt to work with. The most standard process though is that you may have to pay for it in just two weeks. There is nothing to worry because they may be both paid in installments. However, they would incur interests.

How much can you borrow from these instant loan providers? It would rely on the amount of money you earn. Your salary may have to be looked at in this. The same is also true with your financial situation. This is one of the reasons why this method suddenly becomes popular.

To make it more detailed, these are some of the reasons why instant loans may be of the best assistance for you. Please check them out:

  • The loans are handy in times of financial situations. You can have them discreetly. At least, you will be spared from worrying about your close friends and family discovering that you are going through a financial hurdle. Instant loans may be accessed without you having to announce it.
  • There are instances when you may enjoy the loan with any sort of collateral requirement. It would only take a matter of filling a simple application form in an evaluation format. This is how you qualify for a short term loan. As matter of fact, you may enjoy it without having to go through credit check. So your record would no longer matter. That is the best part of it.
  • The processing of loan is easy and quick. You can access the money in times that you seek for it the most. The procedure is not nerve-wrecking anyway. It will just ask a few hours so that your application may be approved for your funds. This is when the money is handed to you. The same cannot be said by bank loans. See the difference?

Just like any ventures and endeavors though, there are risks involved in instant loans too. For example, it is not the answer for a long-term financial issue that you may be going through right now. This is only suitable for an urgent fund shortfall. You also have to understand that you may be assigned high interest rates too. With this in mind, you have to be careful in selecting a lender.…

How Do You Select the Best Real Estate in Singapore?

To be a part of a modern country can be a luxury for some. You can surely relate if you are from Singapore. Basically, the identification of the best property here may be tedious. There is a need for you to have access website portals, exchanges, guides, classifieds, and exchanges. These are all necessary so that you can complete your search for the best one. Yes, it would work provided that you are decided.

How to Locate and Identify Properties

In the tech and telecommunications, there are strides made from time to time. This is true even when you are looking for a real estate. Advancement made everything look automated, and it has downsides too. Since you are aware, you have to ensure that you only use these modes to your advantage and nothing else.

In locating, you must be careful in handling these:

Website Portals

This is considered to be the primary and the easiest method used by the citizens of Singapore when they are in search of a property. It would just take a matter of clicking the cursor and for sure, you will be able to stumble upon websites that can provide you information. What is even good is that this may be undertaken on real estate bargains.

R.E guides

For most Singaporeans, this Singapore R.E Guide is a famous reference aid for them. It is well-presented for it itemizes the fine collection of available condos, flats, houses and apartments which potential buyers may take a look upon. What is even good is that there is an extensive array of available properties which may be accessed because they are situated in the classified section. There are researchers out there who would refer to this as the Top Condominiu in Singapore. This is directed for the family condos and the pretisge condos. For most of the time, expats in Singapore would browse the internet for the choice that may suit their taste. There are available ones in River Valley, Orchard, Tanjong Rhu, Bukit Timah and East Coast.

Estate Agencies

When in Singapore, there are always new undertakings that involve the real estate industry. Such usually transpires. As such occurs, they would normally find the help of the SRX or the Singapore R.E Exchange so that the information may be secured. The information must present recently sold properties and the validated lists. There should also be a recourse to PropNext with the thousands of agents and even consultancies which may provide property trends, policies, updates and more.

Classified Advertisements

Gone were the days when the newspaper and radio were the only source of information when it comes to this kind of transaction. There are portals and websites that you may be able to check on for this. They would normally feature condos, cars, flats and even houses.

Needless to say, to locate a house in Singapore can be easy. There are laws that govern the finding anyway. It would only take a matter of researching for you to complete this. …

Real Estate Professionals in Singapore

Singapore comes with experts who are focused on the property industry. Most of the time, these professionals would range from top-ranking jobs including estate agents and lawyers even to the very bottom. They may even work equally with that of professional carpenters who are in-charge in the production of a unique skyline. This is evident in Singapore these days.

The Various Property Experts in Singapore

There is a variety of professionals available in Singapore. As a matter of fact, they may be compared to a 13-story ‘condo’ building which is packed with carpenters who occupy the first floor, and then other professionals in the 3rd and 12th floors who are meant for agents. Upon looking at the real estate market in Singapore alone, there are almost 13 professional classes. What are these?


They are the first professional you will stumble upon in the real estate market in Singapore. Basically, they are considered to be qualified legal practitioners who are a part of the bar for they have graduated as such. They are also a member of the Justice Ministry. What do they do?

These lawyers have functions. They are in-charge in the reviewing and documenting of leases, purchases, appraisals, and inspections. They are also the one who assist in resolving insurance titles together with environmental issues. Lawyers also handle file and represent lawsuits in court and at the same time, they also assist borrowers and lenders who are in the foreclosure proceedings.


Usually, they are situated between sellers and buyers. They are also made up of licensing agents who are registered in CEA or the Council of Estate Agents. These people can also take charge of assisting people to sell or purchase real estate. This is how they normally work.

Mortgage Brokers

Any aspiring broker should realize that in becoming one, there is no longer a need for licensing procedures or special requirements. It would only take a matter of going for a training course so that you can become qualified as an Accredited Mortgage Consultant.

It is also a must for most mortgage brokers to be registered members of the Mortgage and Finance Association. This is another inclusion. With this, there will be a need to adhere to the Code of Practice which would always insist professionalism, dedication to work and ethical behavior so that borrowers are taken care of even more.


In order to operate, there is a need to be a part of the Monetary Authority of Singapore. This is a requirement for obtaining a license too. Bankers are unlikely to engage with their individual clients when it comes to real estate; however, they would surely prefer to negotiate with aggregators or licensed firms so that loans may be submitted eventually.

Aside from this, bankers would also provide funds to all the parties engaged in the business. This is beneficial for both contractors and developers.

These terms are crucial for anyone who thinks about selling and buying a property in Singapore. If you are one of them, it is never too late to study even more!

Learn more on Lunaville.…

Ways to Buy and Sell Real Estate Today

Almost a decade ago, finding a real estate might have meant starting in the office of a local real estate agent or driving around town so that the best choice may be crossed upon. When you go to an agent’s office, you are most likely to spend an afternoon there looking at pages of active property listings. They may start from local MLS or Multiple Listing Service and a lot more.

Once you have chosen a property that you find interesting, there is a possibility that you are to spend a tenfold of weeks touring these locations until you have finally decided. To find a market data that would give you the chance to access the asking price is definitely going to take a lot of time, and driving too. Regardless, you must do something so that you have the information you need.

The Change

Today, property searches begin on the internet. This means that a quick keyword search on Google, by just typing in the location you eye for, will bring you thousands of results for sure. Once you have spotted a property of interest found on a real estate website, you can view photos online. As a matter of fact, you may even take a vital tour if you must. Aside from this, you can also check on other pages including that of a local county assessor. This is a chance so you can get an idea of the value of your property.

Despite the quick availability of results in the internet, these are things you have to take note of when you use the said medium. Do not fail to look at the following:

  • It is true that all the information in the internet can be helpful and convenient. However, to utilize them accordingly and properly can be quite a challenge. The volume is overwhelming that it may be a struggle to verify its accuracy. Be careful of this.
  • Once you have spotted a property that you are interested at, you will be given the chance to look at the photos online. What is even good is that you may check on it if you must. This should include the real estate taxes, school information, census data and other important matters that you may find useful.

A real estate may only be bought and sold with the assistance of a licensed real estate agent. This may also be done directly by the owner. There are those who use real estate brokers in order to succeed in this. Please take note that both agents and brokers refer to the very same professional. They are experts because they are experienced and knowledgeable. This is true historically speaking. They also come with exclusive access to database that may be stock of active properties for sale.

The listing of properties in CIE or MLS may only be provided by the right person. Even if you have the web with you, you still have to contact the right individual to assist you.…

Why Is It A Good Idea to Invest in Singapore?

At the end of the day, it is not about purchasing, but about selling that brings a huge difference to a profit. This is why most investors are advised to ensure that they went through financial plans for it is like going to a four-year commitment after a four-year Seller’s Stamp Duty or SSD has been considered. Repaying this is required and it has to happen before the four years.

Once the amount of finances available has been determined, there is already the great advantage of going to the property marketing so that a passive income may be generated. This may be earned through rental yields compared to putting the cash in the bank that does not grow at all.

With the current state of the market in Singapore, it is advisable to check out good investment properties from time to time. There were times when their prices drop to at least 10% as compared to those with a fixed deposit which often pays 0.5%. This unlikely hedge against inflation which now stands for around 5.7%.

Learning more about Investment Plans and Schemes

Here are some of the features of investing a property in Singapore:

  • Most of the investors in the country take advantage of the low-interest rate. This is the reason why they normally put out their money to property assets so that they could generate a positive cash flow. This may occur through a rental income. A positive result may be earned from here, most especially from off-set mortgage costs. This would even equate to that of annual passive income which may reach at least $18 annually. This can beat returns which are obtained from fix deposits and outperforms dividend returns which are earned from stocks.
  • The prices of private properties still rise until now. Despite the economic uncertainty, the effects of cooling measures are seen now. They have the power to lead slower rise in prices. This has been the case now as compared to how it was in the year 2010. Today, there are reasons seen why there is a sudden hold up in the prices. For instance, sales are now stagnating. There are those who are not willing to sell at lower rises. There are also buyers who are not ready to commit to higher prices. Aside from this, there is also an existing demand for the property which typically exceeds supply because of the owners being hurried to sell. This is when rising occurs.

Most investors should look at Singapore property asset as a long-term investment. They must not be alarmed by the sudden impediment in the property market because they will still benefit from it in the long run. There are reasons why there might an increase in value. These are the following:

  • Clean governance in the country
  • Scarcity of land
  • Inflation which places pressure on most prices

As for any buyer who is willing to invest in other kind of properties aside from the residential segment, shopping houses should begin as early as they can.…